COVID-19 impacts 2020 tractor registrations, first 2021 semester confirms recovery despite supply chain challenges

Demand for tractors remains stable overall, as industry barometer indicates peak has been reached

Overall, some 189,242 “tractors” were registered across Europe in the full year 2020, according to numbers sourced from national authorities. Of these registrations, 49,338 vehicles were 37kW (50 hp) and under, and 139,904 were 38kW and above. CEMA considers that 149,667 of these vehicles are agricultural tractors, the rest being quads, telehandlers or other equipment. Corrections are significant (i.e. more than half of registrations) in countries such as Slovakia, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Luxemburg, Estonia and Croatia. An overview of the total tractor registrations can be found in the annex, with a correction factor for agricultural tractors.

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